Twitterarchiv Dezember 2017

  • 07.12., 09:25: RT @rootkovska: Attacking #IntelME by @h0t_max & @_markel___ at #BHEU 1. Requires malformed file on SPI flash (needs physical acces… (Link)
  • 06.12., 12:05: RT @chaosupdates: Don’t forget to purchase your public transport ticket for #34C3! We managed to get all-night tram service: (Link) #tuwat
  • 06.12., 11:35: RT @C3nocHD: So you want to bring a server to the #34c3 … (Link)
  • 05.12., 22:29: RT @gallenbitter: »Alexa, wie geht es Thomas de Maizière?« - »Danke der Nachfrage! Mir geht‘s gut!«
  • 05.12., 12:48: RT @Snowden: Governments increasingly claim companies have "a legal duty to allow for secret surveillance." Such policies mark a… (Link)
  • 05.12., 09:05: Heute: CCCS-Stammtisch (Lichtblick) (Link)
  • 04.12., 12:18: RT @c3himmel: ...and two hours ago, the 1000th angel signed up! #34C3
  • 04.12., 09:05: Morgen: CCCS-Stammtisch (Lichtblick) (Link)
  • 01.12., 21:16: RT @chaosupdates: Moving conveniently between downtown and #34C3 – a tram line to Leipzig! Sounds good? Tickets are now available: (Link)
  • 01.12., 09:41: RT @ccc: Event Blog: Werde Teil des 34C3: Engeln mit System! (Link) #CCC